Indian names of stars and constellations

A compilation of Indian names of stars and constellations. The listing of stars is in the order mentioned in the planetarium show 'A night at the star hop'.

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Source is Wikipedia unless otherwise mentioned.
This page has many ‘Nakshatras’ listed, with explanations.
Big Dipper - Saptarshi
Polaris or the North Star - Dhruva taara
Ursa Minor - Dhruvmatsya taaramandal ध्रुवमत्स्य तारामंडल
Arcturus - Swaati
Bootes -  Gvaalaa taaraamandal, Avvapurusha source
Spica - Chithra
Virgo - Kanya Raasi
Regulus - Magha
Leo the Lion - Simha Raasi

Eclipse 2019 at Sri Sathya Sai Space Theatre

Seeing the eclipse using a pinhole camera.


Yajur Mandir in November.

Outside Western Canteen, Christmas decorations, mid-December.

Natural Neighbours - 11

Walking along Chitravati in the morning, mid-December. Good photos of hawk, purple sunbird, cranes, herons, kingfisher.

These are taken with mobile!

Hovers by flapping its wings and staying in the same place.